UN Campus in Bonn chooses ELEVATAIR air cleaner

The United Nations (UN) has had a presence in Bonn for 20 years. Almost 1,000 people work here towards the goal of “shaping a sustainable future.” All of the lifts on the UN Campus in the former Parliament district are now being fitted with the ELEVATAIR medical air cleaner from HUNDT CONSULT. The goal is to enable everyone in the building to be able to move about safely even during the Covid pandemic.
Maximum protection in 0.02 seconds
“Lifts are typically among the places with the highest densities of people in a building. So it only makes sense to invest in infection prevention there,” says Alexander Wüllner, managing partner of HUNDT CONSULT. The ELEVATAIR is approved as a medical device, and uses plasma technology to destroy 99,99% of all viruses and bacteria in an elevator cabin, including COVID-19 in all its mutations. The device needs only 0,02 seconds to do this.
“The staff of the United Nations are dedicated to solving urgent global issues for the future. The installation of the air cleaners supports this by protecting the health not only of individual staffers, but also of society.”
More at www.elevatair.de