European Patent Office selects LIFT GUARDIAN IIOT solution by HUNDT CONSULT

The European Patent Office (EPO) is investing in vendor-neutral IIOT sensors in over 100 lift systems at its locations in Munich, The Hague and Vienna. It is working with HUNDT CONSULT for this purpose. The goal is to increase system availability and safety, create transparency, and improve the economy of system operation. Installation work is proceeding as planned in July and August 2021.

The LIFT GUARDIAN is a major element in this cooperation. This HUNDT CONSULT product was developed for the real estate and residential market, and delivers key information on lift systems in real time. To do this, a small box is installed on the lift cabin. The box uses sensors to collect data on the system, which it sends by internet to the operator. “This lets us greatly improve transparency, and reduce downtime and malfunctions. LIFT GUARDIAN works independently of the manufacturer and components used in the lift,” explains Tim Gunold, managing partner of Hundt Consult GmbH. “For conveyor installations in buildings, we are a pioneer in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and in digitalisation, making us the perfect partner for the EPO. Especially since we can benchmark the real-time data against our immense wealth of data from around 45,000 systems.” All IIOT data streams are immediately fed into a cutting-edge cloud-based proprietary development, LIFTMANAGER 4.0, a CAFM tool specifically designed for the requirements of conveyor installations in buildings. Several hundred LIFT GUARDIAN installations are planned through the end of the year.