Who checks the offers for your conveyor technology?

Your elevator system has been serviced and it appears that repairs are pending. Be honest: do you check whether the scope of repair offered makes technical and economic sense? Are you considering alternatives? Very few operators would answer these questions in the affirmative. Many hardly deal with the offers. This is exactly where the advantage of lift management by HUNDT CONSULT lies.
Comprehensive lift management not only includes the necessary hardware and software. „The additional service 'people' is just as important,“ says Tim Gunold, managing partner of HUNDT CONSULT. „And one of the most important services of our customer service is the offer verification.“
Offer review: the content
HUNDT CONSULT records all incoming offers for its customers and checks them for plausibility. The history, the status report, the photo documentation and the technical properties of the conveyor technology are included.
Specifically, the following questions are involved:

  • Is the repair offered necessary?
  • Is the range of repairs offered technically sensible and economically sustainable?
  • Are other measures currently planned that should be considered in connection with the repair?
  • What are the alternatives in terms of scope, quality, time requirements and costs?

Only after this analysis does the actual price optimization begin, for which up to 400,000 comparative data sets from HUNDT CONSULT's LIFTMANAGER database are used. “Our savings average around 30 percent of the asking price!” says Tim Gunold. „With this service alone, the lift management pays off for the customer.“