IIOT solutions in elevator systems: a cybersecurity risk?

The TÜV association publishes the plant safety report once a year. When presenting the results of the Plant Safety Report 2022, the association also explicitly pointed out the danger of cyber attacks through IIOT solutions in building technology. But is that correct?

The fact is: More and more companies and institutions are being targeted by cybercriminals. „Elevator controls and emergency call systems connected to the Internet in particular must be protected as well as possible against digital attacks,“ says Dr. Joachim Bühler, Managing Director of the TÜV Association, quoted in a recent press release. “So far there are no binding specifications for the cyber security of elevators. A legal regulation is long overdue.”
HUNDT CONSULT has been dealing with IIOT solutions in lift management for years. Their product LIFT GUARDIAN turns every lift system into transparent technical building equipment (TGA). With the help of artificial intelligence, all data from the system is analyzed via highly developed sensors and transmitted in real time to a dashboard or to the customer system via an API. „We expressly welcome the idea of ​​binding specifications for the cyber security of elevator systems,“ says Tim Gunold, managing partner of HUNDT CONSULT. But he does not see any danger for the IIOT solution LIFT GUARDIAN: „We made a conscious decision in favor of a solution that does not intervene in the control system, i.e. works completely independently of the elevator,“ he explains. „Therefore, with our solution, there is no risk of external control of the elevator system by cybercriminals.“