Predictive maintenance, the preventive maintenance of elevator systems, has been proven to reduce downtimes and malfunctions and thus also costs. HUNDT CONSULT has been dealing with this topic for years. Only recently, a malfunction was detected in a property of POLIS Immobilien AG with the help of predictive maintenance, thus avoiding the failure of the system and the costly replacement of an expensive component.
Since the beginning of the year, the LIFT GUARDIAN from HUNDT CONSULT has been installed in a highly frequented facility with nine stops in an office building in Dresden owned by POLIS Immobilien AG. The high-tech box continuously checks elevator systems for anomalies using only highly developed sensors – without interfering with the elevator control system. The data is analyzed using artificial intelligence and reported in real time. On May 6th, 2022, the LIFT GUARDIAN detected a door fault in the system in question, even though the lift was still functional at that time and even the commissioned maintenance technician still believed in completely fault-free system operation at the beginning.
Predictive maintenance right out of the textbook
A check by a HUNDT CONSULT employee confirmed: There was damage. „We therefore immediately commissioned the inspection and repair of the system at this specific point, which is crucial for operation,“ says Tim Gunold, managing partner of HUNDT CONSULT. “In this way, the cost-intensive replacement of a very expensive component could be avoided – that’s textbook predictive maintenance! This is possible due to specific algorithms of the LIFT GUARDIAN software, which we programmed in cooperation with the company eMentalist from Vienna and which we continue to develop on a daily basis.”
„It's impressive what modern lift management can do,“ says Mathias Gross, CEO of POLIS Immobilien AG. “Our company stands for technically well-equipped properties and very good service, which results in a high level of tenant satisfaction. Professional lift management is an important building block. With HUNDT CONSULT we have an independent expert for the monitoring of our elevators and escalators at our side, who ensures the smooth operation of the systems. In this way, we ensure that our tenants can use them safely and without disruption, and at the same time make building management even more cost-efficient.”