IIOT solutions like the LIFT GUARDIAN turn the elevator into a transparent instrument. This has many advantages: The data, which is analyzed and played out in real time via artificial intelligence, provides important insights into predictive maintenance. But that's not all: functions and services on the elevator can be checked regardless of where they are and tenants can be informed at an early stage.
How long was the last maintenance? Are all essential parameters working properly again? Operators can find the answers to these questions in their LIFT GUARDIAN dashboard or directly in their ERP or CAFM systems via API. This can be useful if invoices need to be checked and approved. Because the information about the working hours of service providers can also be checked quickly and easily via the dashboard.
Tenant satisfaction and success control
The information from the LIFT GUARDIAN dashboard can be easily integrated into existing tenant apps or portals. In the event of a system failure, it is possible to inform the tenants about the disruption almost in real time. Anyone who uses the LIFT GUARDIAN for several months can gain important insights from the collected data in the long term. For example, the influence of maintenance frequency and duration on the system's susceptibility to faults.