CO2 reduction – both internally and for customers

If you want to save CO2 and reduce the power consumption of the building conveyor technology, you can always turn to the experts at HUNDT CONSULT. Sustainability and climate protection also play an important role in our own company. Together with the company CO2OP, HUNDT CONSULT was able to reduce its own CO2 footprint from around 188 tons of CO2 emissions to around 133 tons within around twelve months; and that is just the beginning.
ESG checks are an integral part of HUNDT CONSULT's service portfolio. They help to identify relevant potential for optimization with regard to energy consumption in elevator systems and escalators. Based on the results, comprehensive ESG strategies are developed that contribute to a greener future. “For us, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. Therefore, it goes without saying that we not only help our customers to reduce their CO2 consumption, but also work internally to operate as climate friendly as possible,“ explains Oliver H. Hundt, managing partner of HUNDT CONSULT. Together with the company CO2OP, HUNDT CONSULT was able to reduce around 30 percent of its CO2 emissions. This was achieved, among other things, by switching to green electricity in all branches, avoiding commuting to work in the company car, making greater use of local public transport and also by purchasing company bicycles. „We are really proud that, as the market and innovation leader in Germany and Europe, we have been able to offer our CO2 services since 2019 and at the same time have solutions ready for our customers,“ Oliver H. Hundt continues.