8,820,699 door movements – How IIoT systems help before things gets stuck

When things get stuck, it's usually because of the doors: in fact, about two-thirds of all elevator malfunctions are due to problems with the doors. And that's exactly why HUNDT CONSULT's LIFT GUARDIAN monitors elevator doors with special sensor technology. It perceives every door movement and vibration and pays attention to the smallest irregularities. And it does so without gaps: In September 2022 alone, the IIoT systems installed by HUNDT CONSULT recorded 8,820,699 door movements!
How does it work?
The LIFT GUARDIAN is a small box that is inconspicuously installed on the elevator car. Equipped with sophisticated sensors, it permanently checks the elevator for its function – especially that of the doors. For this purpose, the device records all points relevant to the operation of the system; including all acceleration values. All data is analyzed via algorithms and artificial intelligence, processed and reported and documented in real time via a user-friendly dashboard. The resulting data sets provide important clues for predictive maintenance, optimizing the economic operation of elevator systems. The result: your elevators run more reliably and operating and maintenance costs are demonstrably reduced.